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Do you have a feeling of heaviness, lacking direction or energy? Do you suffer from complaints that you can’t seem to get rid-off? Your Guts & Glory helps you discover the epicentre of your health - your Gut - so that you can live a life full of vitality.

“Strengthen your inner compass and feel lighter and better“


YG&G Workshops

Take part in YG&G Workshops and discover the secrets for more energy and lightness. Improve your metabolism, skin health, immunity, hormonal balance and your overall feeling of happiness. View & Book upcoming workshops

Preventive Well-being Coaching

During personal preventive well-being coaching sessions we dive deeper into your unique constitution. We discover your specific imbalance and look into the root causes of your complaints. Together we make a plan of action that suits your life.

You will discover how to take charge of your own health and wellbeing. With small changes to your lifestyle and consuming food that supports your digestive system, you will experience a big difference in how you feel. I provide concrete and simple tools, so that you can move with more energy and lightness.

Intake: 75 minutes / €145
Follow-on sessions: 30 min / €90
Available online or offline
Note: I do not provide medical advice. If you suffer from an illness, use medication or are under supervision of a doctor, consult your doctor prior to starting with my recommendations.