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More energy, less stress. The good life, at work and at home, is within reach if you find the right balance. It’s as simple as that. All you need are the right tools.

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distress in your gut optimal digestion
chaos in your day a natural rhythm
stress peace of mind
doing things achieving things
unconscious eating nutrition that supports you
imbalance balance in your body & mind
Our programs
Your Guts & Glory guides you in building a life of more vitality. With the preventive on-and-offline programs you will be able to take charge of your own health and wellbeing. We cover lifestyle, nutrition and stress management for more balance in body and mind. So you can by your best self, at home and at the workplace. Say goodbye to vague complaints and welcome the new you.

We offer our services to companies and their employees, educational institutions and their students, and for anyone who is in search of more energy and better balance in their lives.

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From Guts to Glory

Everything starts with a good foundation. Our foundation is Ayurveda. An ancient science that focuses on prevention and examines health holistically. Through the wisdom of Ayurveda you get to know yourself better, both physically and mentally. And when you learn to listen to your gut feeling, you make better choices. And then glory naturally follows.

Our aim is to make this wisdom available for everyone, by offering simple and pragmatic tools for you, your students or employees.