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From Guts to Glory:
our Vitality Model

In all our programs we use the YG&G Vitality Model to give you individual advice. This model will give you insights into where your personal focus lies and help you keep track of your progress.

“Be the best version of yourself and see it reflected in all your relationships and how you show up in life - everyone benefits“

The best version of yourself

The YG&G Vitality Model gives insights into your well being - physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. This way you can become more aware of where more attention is required, and which changes are needed for more energy and resilience. You will get insights into your body-mind profile - your constitution, and how you can bring it back to balance through lifestyle, nutrition and stress management. Learn to take charge of your own health, focusing on the areas that are important to you. And if you apply the tools for a longer period, then the YG&G Vitaly Model is a great way to track your progress in these areas. A practical way to increase awareness through better insights.

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